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Advanced Web Development

Advanced Web Development


Responsive Web Desing
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Become a Responsive Web Developer and Earn Money

Course Overview

This course will teach you the essential elements of web page development, covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No previous experience of these technologies is necessary, although it is helpful if you have some prior programming experience. First, HTML together with CSS are discussed and explored. Then we move on to consider the essential components of JavaScript, including variables, arrays, loops, events and functions. Then we move on to server side scripting language PHP, MySQL and at last we cover a PHP framework CodeIgniter

Course Curriculum

Brief description about web technology
PHP language overview:
→ Syntax
→ Expression
→ Operator
→ Conditional statement
→ Looping,session
→ Cookie,file upload

Concept of OOP in PHP language:
→ Class
→ Object
→ Method
→ Constructor
→ Properties of OOP

Concept of Data base
→ Database design and Database normalization

Mysql language overview:
→ Data definition Language
→ Data manipulation Language
→ Develop a CMS project by PHP and Mysql

CodeIgniter – Overview
→ Important features of CodeIgniter
→ Install CodeIgniter
→ The architecture of CodeIgniter application
→ Model-View-Controller (MVC) development pattern

CodeIgniter – Basic Concepts
→ Set basic configuration of your site
→ Database with CodeIgniter
→ CodeIgniter framework libraries
→ CodeIgniter error handling mechanism
→ Upload files
→ Sending email in CodeIgniter
→ Form Validation by CodeIgniter
→ Tempdata functionality in CodeIgniter
→ Adding JavaScript and CSS
→ A Complete Web Application using CodeIgniter

Course Features

→ Class – 20
→ Quizzes – 3
→ Duration – 6 hours/week
→ Skill level – Beginner
→ Students – 20
→ Assessments – Yes


Rubel Hossain is a designer and a front end developer currently working at The It King as a Mentor. He is specialized in designing and developing user interfaces. His attention to details is extreme and he loves to continually learn what’s new in the field of web-design. He has passion for creativity and discipline that goes into front-end development, keeping scalability and clean code that is maintainable and readab

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