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Search Engine Optimization

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization Service?

Every website is different in more ways than they are similar hence smart & successful SEO is always customized SEO. On your website, there may have the best design, but you do not have the visitor to visit the site that means you don’t have any business or profit. YES! We only do ethical/white hat SEO for your website to generate profit that is effective now and for the future. The It King creates and implements highly customized SEO strategies for our clients’ websites. A dedicated account manager works closely with you, so our analysts understand your business inside and out. We conduct a profound analysis of your business, aims, competition and various relevant industry elements. Your website is also analyzed to ensure its structure and content supports and facilitates your SEO function. We always deliver the top spot on the SERP for our client’s.

Top SEO service provider company in Bangladesh
Top SEO service provider company in Bangladesh

The It King is a leading local & International Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services company that provides reliable and affordable SEO services. You can use our SEO expertise to take control of your organized placement on all the major search engines. If you have realized how critical SEO is, to your online success and would like The It King to boost your SERP rankings, then invite us today to take your project. Regardless of your business type, industry, size and target market, our SEO specialist will get you the best results. Whether your website needs to target “Club Monaco of NY” or “Arthur Treacher’s of Florida”, we will optimize your website for the most relevant and lucrative keywords that will bring in the terrific traffic you need.

Off Page SEO

Our SEO service is committed to providing you solid & cost-effective service. Even, you get the

on page seo

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and


You can invite us anytime if you face difficulty to boost your SERP rankings & to improve your 

eCommerce SEO

We have a perfect solution for E-Commerce SEO service that helps you be in peace of mind

SEO Management

Our SEO Management services will increase your website ranking at the top. We work for your needs

Local SEO

Our Local SEO Services payee clients are happy to get high-quality services within a short time.

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We offer specialized freelance training & industrial attachment by skilled & professional trainers and provide web development services for our respected clients on any sector.


→ We have proven a track record of high profile sites in top ranking positions.
→ We Understand search engine ranking algorithms.
→ We have Excellent analytic, organizational and communication skills.
→ We have the complete portfolio that demonstrates beautiful interactive experiences and innovative design.
→ We can work with constructive criticism as well as adhere to deadlines.
→ We have a work style that is extremely detail oriented.
You can review our successful works and feedback

FAQs About SEO

The most commonly used word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which refers to the strategies that help a website growing the online presence, show on top of the list in the Search Engines when a user searches for the relevant product or service.

SEO is very much important for a newly built website or an existing website. As a business owner, you must expect to get the highest number of visitors to your website that will purchase your product or services. There is no alternative to SEO when it comes to the question of increasing your business ROI. There are thousands of online businesses out there in the same category. So, how does a visitor find your website among the businesses and consider it reliable to purchase the services? Well, SEO will help you in this case. The strategy will help you get established among the same businesses and publicize it as the most trustworthy and reliable website.

The most commonly used word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which refers to the strategies that help a website growing the online presence, show on top of the list in the Search Engines when a user searches for the relevant product or service.

Actually, SEO is a never-ending process. As long as you build High-Quality Relevant Backlinks and do Content Marketing, you will get results. The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank a website for some specific Keywords and achieve potential customers. Though the number of your website’s visitor will increase over time, ranking on top in the Search Engines is never guaranteed. A website’s ranking depends on some different key factors:
→ How much content do you have and the quality of your contents
→ How soon your posts are indexed by Search Engines
→ How successful are you reaching to the targeted visitor
→ How the visitors are interacting to your posts
The soon you can approach these factors, the soon you will get closer to achieve the top ranking.

No, never. As long as Search Engine exists, SEO will be there as well. Your website will always require search engines to be shown before the visitors and there will be always a possible way to rank your website in search engines.

Both are equally important to get the expected result. On-Page and Off-Page SEO are the tow opposite side of the same coin. On-Page SEO is required to make your website more search engine-friendly, user-friendly and informative while Off-Page SEO is important in getting potential customers and rank higher.

Yes. Backlinks have a significant effect in achieving organic visitors and boost your website’s ranking. Always try to build High-Quality Relevant Backlinks rather than focusing on quantity. The strong your backlinks will be, The sooner you’ll be headed towards the expected results. Make sure that the backlinks you are building are permanent and more relevant to your website.

Of course. Google regularly changes its algorithm. And if your website doesn’t follow the latest algorithm, there is a huge chance to get penalized. There was a time when you got rankings for both Manual and Automatic Link Building. But that strategy has long gone. Now, there is no way to get succeeded in unethical means. Today, Search Engines only allow White Hat SEO strategies and backlinks that are being built manually. Always keep your website updated according to the algorithms.

The answer will depend on your skills. If you are the business owner and have the SEO skills at the same time, you won’t get enough time to concentrate on SEO tasks as you will have to look after the other major aspects of your business. But if you are running an e-commerce shop and such other business that only require digital marketing to grow, you can do the task only if you have proper skills and qualities.

Well, you can. But before hiring, review the company’s previous work results, portfolio, and reputation. Always keep in mind that no company can guarantee that you will reach to the top position within 5 or 6 months. But make sure that the company you are hiring ensures that will get enough visitor as it is not a rocket science.

You can track the visitors by simply adding Google Analytics tracking code in your website and check the rankings manually by searching for the used keywords in the Search Engines.

The amount you should invest in SEO task depends on the following factors:
→ Your website size and quality
→ Competitors website quality
→ Number of keywords you want to rank
If you have a small website that contains 20-25 pages, you shouldn’t invest a much. But if your competitors are strong, then you have to make a long-term plan along with increasing your budget. There are many companies you will find that offer $199/month while the others may charge $599/month. Tough to choose the right one, isn’t it? Well, select that one that has a proven track record and offers the best services and results. Besides, make a pre-plan for possible outcomes. Verify the result after a certain time and decide whether the company you have hired is providing the promised service or not.

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